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August 4, 2013
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Uno Dos Tres by TheSmall-Stuff Uno Dos Tres by TheSmall-Stuff

I have to make this long comment even longer...

hope you don't mind x) It's to make a huge thank you to everyone!! A DD!! I can't
believe it, I'm so excited right now! :la: Thank you so much!


Weirdest shaped image I've submitted yet, sorry! xD
Geez, I'm like really proud of these guys. They were so fun to make! And not commissions, so I
didn't feel rushed. There are tons of things I want to tell you about. :)
I made Articuno first, and that's where it started...the sparkles, I mean! :iconsparklingplz:
Yes! I don't know how well they are visible in the photos, but each bird has a sparkly feature!
In Articuno, it's the chest feathers (plumage?) that have a silver thread crocheted into them.
The way I made those feathers was something new, too. I sort of made it up, and used it again
when I made torchic. (Articuno was finished before I made torchic; it was torture waiting to submit
them all at once!)
About the sparkles though, when I made Molstres second (who needs logical order, that spikyness
scared me!) I had a dilemma- I wanted them all to be sparkly, but I only had white yarn with sparkles
in it! Eventually, I figured it out- I would untwirl the white yarn from the sparkle thread, and retwirl it
in with whatever color I wanted to sparkle up! So, yup, that's what I did, and now Moltres and Zapdos
have gold sparkles in their wings. Moltres is by far my favorite. The fire, I love the fire, and the tail came
out looking sort of like a lucky China traditional sort of.... thing? I don't know exactly, but it reminded me
of cliche Chinese stuff. Maybe the gold+red combo.
Zapdos was a tough one as well- I had NO idea how I was going to make the spikes. The head ones took
2 tries to get right, which is a lot sort of. At first I tried doing something like I did for Torchic's head
feathers, but that was too round and floppy. Then I made triangles the same way I used to for cat ears
back when I first started making little crochet mini snowmen things (Ah, memories) and woah, spikes!
Until I got all of the pieces together, I was really worried that the little Zapdos was going to come out
horribly! The head spikes were the first things I sewed on, so it was just a bobbly snowman with a sunshine
head? It was so awkward looking. But I'm glad I went through with it! c: Now his beak makes it look like
it's going "Ooooooooooo" all the time.
That's an average Rubik's cube for scale. They're a teeny bit taller than my other things, to make them
a bit more "Majestic" or something. Each will still fit in the palm of my hand. That would have been my
scale pic like usual, but all 3 of them don't fit at the same time d: And no, I don't know how to solve a
rubik's cube! xD Look at me, writing a long comment again. Fwoosh.

They each took 4-6 days to make. Exact hours, no idea. I mostly made them while watching Supernatural,
but detailed parts like the parts with sparkles or All of Zapdos's spikes required full attention, aka no TV in
the background. -3- All of them can stand on their own (Though it sometimes takes a bit of fidgeting) and
they look better in real life because you can really see the sparkle.

Thanks to everyone who looks and everyone who reads my whole comment. Sorry it's so long, I just finished
my coffee! xD Coffee from my Doctor Who mug- Who else is EXCITED! Less than 3 hours til the announcement!

By the way, if you're wondering- They're certainly for sale. I don't mind hanging on to them for a little
while if no one is interested, but I'd like to sell them as a set. Free shipping worldwide for these guys!
Send me a note if you're interested, please!
They've sold c:

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Given 2013-08-18
Uno Dos Tres by =TereKoi ( Suggested by RRRAI and Featured by cakecrumbs )
TheNervousArtist Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student Artist
These are so cute! X3 You did a great job on 'em~ ^^ Congrats on the DD~
MufaZu Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Why did I never put the "Uno, Dos, Tres" thing together until tonight? Not only did I see some awesome artwork, but I also learned something! Thanks a bunch!
Zephyrift Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Artist
This is so cute!
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How cute! o:
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Meep, awesome! I want! :dalove: :D
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omg there sooooooo cute

Aquatj Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Oh my gosh! They're so detailed! I'm not usually into plushies of any sort (sorry if i'm using really stupid terminology >v< ), but these are awesome! ^V^
MartialArtsJunkie17 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love all of them (but especially the butterfree one though). They are all just adorable!! ^-^
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Super adorable!!!~
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